About Us


Look and Feel good inside and out! Lashes do make everyone feel amazing! Our Proudly Canadian business does not mess around with time consuming Beauty Products! Dedicated to all who want to enhance their beauty from natural to extraordinary on a daily basis. Our products were born from the love of Lash extensions. But since everyone can't get lash extensions due to sensitivities or time and maintenance, we have curated an amazing line of lashes that suits everyone’s needs!

We are thankful for your continued support and love of lashes

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Unique Liner Formula

Achieve precision application with our eyeliner pen. Our unique formula gives you up long lasting wear up to 12 hours! Some clients say longer! Our extraordinary eyeliner is water proof and wind proof. Our luxury lashes feel natural, soft and fluffy. Pick your own style! You can wear them multiple times with proper cleaning and care! Up to 30 times!


Our extraordinary eyelashes and eyeliner system is the most advanced on the market. With our specially designed lashes and a unique eyeliner formula, our lashes and liner are superior to competition in both safety and performance. We value your trust, so we are guaranteeing our products with our 30day Money back guarantee if you are not happy with our products.